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The Call for Sessions is now open!

The call for session proposals is open from Monday, September 30, 2019 until Friday, November 15, 2019.

We welcome proposals from sustainability professionals from a wide variety of sectors. Currently, SRI is accepting submissions for the following four session types:


Sessions designed to tackle a specific global sustainability challenge from a variety of perspectives, taking a variety of forms. Each fora session will run for 90 minutes. Fora can include panels, conversations, short presentations or other formats, and teams are encouraged to submit designs that incorporate a high degree of interactivity and audience engagement. 

Trainings & Workshops

Training sessions and workshops on a topic of interest relevant to SRI2020 themes, with specified, action-oriented outcomes to be generated as a result of the session for both the group delivering the training and for the participants. Session proposals should include the knowledge or practice gaps that the session will focus on and the strengths,  skills, and capacities that will be developed. Trainings and workshops should be designed to encourage two-way, iterative learning for both trainers and participants.

Popcorn Sessions:  

Popcorn sessions bring people together to learn about the most compelling advances in sustainability within a particular discipline, theme, and/or geography. Sessions are composed of very short presentations by different people on the same topic, exposing different ways of approaching a sustainability challenge and providing a forum for rapid feedback on emerging research and innovation projects or initiatives.

Each popcorn session will feature eight speakers who will each show 20 slides for 20 seconds each, in a 90 minute format. Proposers should leave room for at least half of the speakers in a session to self-identify during the individual contribution period.

Alternative Design Sessions

Other forms of engagement for SRI2020 are strongly encouraged and the Alternative dDesign sessions are a category designed for session ideas that do not fit easily within the other categories. Alternative dDesign sessions may take many forms – cafe style engagement, break-out groups, shark-tank style competitions, announcements, art, music, storytelling and other formats are all encouraged.  


SRI2020 will be a medium for a highly innovative and interactive learning experience. As such, if your group believes that your session would be best delivered in an adapted format of one of these categories, please include the specifications in your proposal. Many of the sessions could also be held virtually.

Please note that there will be a subsequent call for demonstrations and individual abstracts. 

Click the button below to be taken to the application portal, which contains more information on what SRI2020 is looking for in a session proposal, the selection criteria and more.

SRI brings together a global community of changemakers, driven by a common goal to accelerate transition to sustainability. We welcome practitioners, researchers, funders, innovators, thought leaders, policy-makers, and industry partners across the broad spectrum of communities working to solve local to global sustainability challenges.

As the premier global gathering for sustainability science and innovation, attending SRI2020 will be an opportunity for:


Connecting diverse knowledge systems, academia with a range of stakeholders, policy prescribers with informed constituencies, funders across sectors, and innovators with clientele.

Partnership Building

Creating robust communities of practice, supporting cross-sectoral funder dialogue and action, and connecting local implementation with global frameworks.


Building capacity in understanding, co-developing and co-implementing sustainable solutions, supporting legacy learning, exploring viral communications approaches and enhancing transparency through open data and open access.

Knowledge Exchange Opportunities

Sharing lessons learned and best practices, building a broad understanding of sustainability, co-developing metrics for evaluation of sustainable development and investment, demonstrating innovative solutions to achieve the SDGs, publishing in diverse accessible media outlets for maximum uptake and dissemination.

There will be a wide variety of ways to attend and participate in SRI2020; whether it be designing a session,presenting, attending as a participant, or volunteering at the venue.

Registration and volunteer sign up will open in January 2020. In the meantime, click on the button below to add SRI2020 to your calendar. 

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